National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics (NIRDTP), Romania

The National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics (NIRDTP) was established in 1955 to act as a focus for magnetic materials and devices, as well as for the design and fabrication of testing and characterization techniques. The Institute has a total staff of 73 persons (researchers and administrative). The mission of the centre consists of R&D in magnetism and magnetic materials, focussing on:

  • fundamental research: new models and phenomena, new theoretical aspects;
  • applied research: new materials and applications, new R&D equipments;
  • technological research: novel technologies for manufacturing new materials, including nanomaterials and nanostructured/nanocomposite materials; design and fabrication of new devices and technological equipments;
  • laboratory-scale production: materials, devices, systems and equipments for both laboratory research and small-scale production activities.

The main high-tech domains approached by the scientists at NIRDTP Iaşi are:

  1. Advanced magnetic materials with special physical properties and structures: crystalline, amorphous, nanostructured/nanocomposite, and nanodimensional materials;
  2. Applications based on advanced materials: sensors, transducers, actuators, measuring systems;
  3. Applications based on new magnetic phenomena: nondestructive testing methods, magnetometry, magnetic separation.