About the FP7 NANOSENS project

The overall aim of the NANOSENS project is to upgrade the research and innovation capacity of the National Institute of Research and 
Development for Technical Physics (NIRDTP) to the highest European level in microsensors for medical applications and biosensors based on 
magnetic nanoparticles and barcode nanowires.

NIRDTP is a very promising European research organisation as demonstrated by its participation in three FP6 networking projects in the fields 
of  nanoscience and microsystems. The Institute has a total staff of 73 persons (researchers and administrative).

NIRDTP’s existing scientific expertise and facilities will be further developed through a range of research and innovation capacity building 
activities derived from NIRDTP’s SWOT analysis. The activities will increase NIRDTP’s visibility, society/regional responsiveness and 
innovation potential for the most advanced topics of microsensors and biosensors:

Research Topic A: Microsensors for Medical Applications
A1. Acoustic microsensors based on nano- and microwires for medical applications; A2. Implantable magnetic microsensors based on nanostructured materials for medical applications;
Research Topic B: Biosensors based on Nanoparticles and Barcode Nanowires
B1. Sensors based on nanosized detection elements for applications in nanomedicine; B2. Biosensors based on multilayered nanowires for the detection of biomolecules. To view the project on CORDIS click here.